I have been following Abraham Hicks teachings for more than 5 years already. In additional, I have working in the field of IT since long. That’s why I have been able to create this web system by combining both these disciplines – Law Of Attraction teachings and Web Development – by continuously learning – hundreds of books in addition to Abraham Hicks – practicing and actively experimenting in my own life. This website has been created as per the process no 22, “Moving Up the Emotional Scale” in order to assist you to move upwards to your emotional scale. About The working concept, Abraham Hicks explains it the best way. You can use this system anytime and anywhere in order to get back to your top emotional level, the VORTEX.

Once you consciously identify your current state of emotion, it becomes easier for you to understand whether you are choosing thoughts that move you closer to your desired destination or further from your desired destination. If you will make the improved feeling or emotion be your real destination, then anything and everything that you want will quickly follow.

The words or title, that have been given to these emotions are not absolutely accurate because different people feel different about emotions even when they are using similar words. However, the Universe is not responding to your words; it is responding to your vibrational offering that is accurately and always accompanied by your emotions.

So, finding the perfect word to describe the way you feel is not essential to this process, but feeling the emotion is important – and finding the ways to improve the feeling is even more important. In other words, this game is strictly about discovering thoughts that give you feelings of relief.

Consciously think about whatever is bothering you until you can pinpoint the emotions that your are feeling.
Considering the two extreme ends of this emotional scale, you could ask yourself, Do I feel powerful, or do I feel powerless?


When the improved emotions are discovered naturally and unconsciously, each improvement now gives you access to something even more improved.


While it may even take a day or two to move up even one vibrational level, you can reclaim your connection to your source and to your feeling of empowerment in a much shorter time than almost anyone realizes.


Now that you understand that you goal is to reach a better feeling emotion, it is our expectation that this process will free you from troubling negative emotions that you have been experiencing for years. And as you gently and gradually release the resistance you have unknowingly gathered, you will begin to experience improvements in your life experiences… in all troubling areas of your life.

One last thing,

Be easy about all of this. You tend to take life so seriously. Life is supposed to be fun, you know.


And… for now.. we are letting you to start…