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How it feels like

Something has happened to you that makes you feel terrible; nothing sounds good. It seems as if you are suffocating and each thought is painful. This is the kind of feeling you should be feeling at this level.

I did everything I could think of doing to help my father, but it wasn’t enough. (Grief)

How will I be able to soothe my mother? (Despair)

Every morning when I awaken, the first awareness that I have is that Daddy is gone. (Grief)

I miss him so much. I can’t stand him being gone. (Grief)

How will I be able to soothe my mother? (Despair) 

I shouldn’t have gone home to shower. (Guilt) 

I should have stayed right there so I could have told him good-bye. (Guilt) 

I should have realized how close he was to going. (Guilt) 

If your emotional level is really bad even at this level, then there there is not much logical thing to do at this time being.

Immediately stop everything and go to a holy place: temple, church, gurudwara, masjid.

While commuting you can listen to this powerful mantra, download here. You can read the remaining content anytime afterwards.

Sitting in a holy place is itself enough, however you can follow any number of these steps if you want. 

  1. Sit for a while in any comfortable space
  2. Switch off or silence (no vibration) your mobile phone
  3. Feel the pain and share it directly to the god or universe how you feeling and what happened. 
  4. Call an understanding friend, if possible.
  5. If you have pen and paper, then you can write about your pain and burn or throw afterwards. No need to show it to anyone else.
  6. Or record your pain in your mobile phone by going to a separate spot. Listen to your recording at least once and then delete it afterwards.


If you are at a position to control your level and hope to feel good by doing something, then you can listen to this lesson by BK Shavani.

Have you ever imagined that the Super Star and amazing wrestler like The Rock would have gone through depression in any point of his life. It is very hard to believe that but he did went into the state of depression and got back much more powerful than he ever was. You can hear it from his own voice in this video.

Follow up

Please do these affirmations or meditation on daily basis, so that you will have better control of your emotions automatically. You have to maintain your discipline to feel the progressive results. So keep on following these every now and then.


In this affirmation, Abraham Hicks talks about how everything is working out for us. Not only just positive things but also negative aspects like depression is actually working out for us. You can calm yourself immediately when you listen to this affirmation. Everything starts to be meaningful after listening to this beautiful recording. Try it once and repeat it often afterwards.


In this live seminar, Tony Robbins prepares the mass of thousands of people for anything that has happened and anything that can happen in life. In the end, he ends the meditation by saying “No Problem is bigger than us”. We must maintain this kind of attitude to live the life fully. When you wake up early in the morning, please give yourself 20 minutes time to do this meditation and prepare yourself for the day and coming time as well. We can guarantee that you will have much stronger mind set after practicing meditation for few times only. You can just listen to this meditation if you like to close your eyes.

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