This emotional scale is based on the Emotional Scale Guidance System as outlined in the book, “Ask and Its Given, Learning To Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The book has 22 levels of emotions, however the website has 10 abbreviated levels to make to easier to proceed.

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**Rate your current emotional level from 1 (saddest) to 10 (happiest) 

LEVEL 1: Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness/Insecurity/ Guilt/ Unworthiness

If you are feeling lower level emotions like Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness/Insecurity/ Guilt/ Unworthiness, click here to take control of this emotional level. Click Here  

LEVEL 2: Jealousy/ Hatred/ Rage/ Revenge


Understand this rage building up inside you. To take control of this this right now… Click Here  

Level 3 Anger/ Discouragement/ Blame

If you are aware of this emotional level inside you, then level up your emotional level by clicking this button…. Click Here  

Level 4 Worry/ Doubt

Understand your emotions and clear the worry and doubts immediately…. Click Here  

Level 5 Dissapointment/ Overwhelment/ Frustration/ Irritation/ Impatience/ Pessimism

Take charge of this emotional level by yourself… Click Here  

Level 6 Boredom

Understand the boredom inside and take benefits of it to up your scale on emotional game…. Click Here  

Level 7 Contentment/ Hopeful

Now that you’re hopeful, check this to gear up your emotions… Click Here  

Level 8 Optimism/ Positive Expectation/ Belief

If you already are at this level, you might want to check how you can lead yourself to higher level of emotions by clicking here…Click Here  

Level 9 Enthusiasm/ Eagerness/ Happiness/ Passion

Understand your enthusiasm and happiness and repeat and up-scale the process yourself…Click Here  

Level 10 Joy/ Appreciation/ Empowered/ Freedom/ Love

Its the time to get benefits now and in future of your top level of emotions…Click Here