• Your current emotional level 40% 40%

How it feels like

I wish I could have said good-bye. (Disappointment) 

There are too many details to attend to, and I don’t really feel like doing anything. (Overwhelment) 

I’ve been neglecting so many things in my life; I need to regroup and get organized. (Overwhelment) 

The health-care professionals are insensitive to the families of sick and dying people. (Frustration) 

They’re more concerned about picking up the oxygen tanks than about how I feel. (Irritation) 

This is the most frustrating stage of emotions. And in this time, I’ve lots and lots of negative thougths keeps on running every now and then. And You have to utilize lots of my inner energy just to counter those thoughts. However I’ve curated the following way which can help you understand the problem and alleviate your emotional level and help you get to the vortex sooner than anticipated.

Sadhguru, the mystic, says that you will become unhappy if the things don’t go around as you expected. We may be differently capable to control our outer world, however we are equally capable to control our inner world [Book: Inner Engineering, Best sellers in New York Times 2018. 

How to take full control of this emotion


Read 2 miutes




Watch 2 minutes


Affirm 2 minutes


After 8 minutes

Why this happens

This happens because we have been bogged down into past or future things and do not focus on the present moment. Our past memory overwhelms us and future imagination makes us sick. That’s why, at the very first, we need to be conscious and bring ourselves at the present moment with this simple technique call breathing. Lets take the help form the video on the right.

Failure CV

We often get overwhelmed the this situation is happening to only me. However we know this can never be true. Who doesn’t fail in this world. There is a concept called “failure CV” introduced by a Princeton Professor, who details all his failures as CV. You can check one of the example in this video.

Will Smith has take the failure to a whole new level. Check out in this video what a failure can do to a person’s success. However successful persons manage to transform their failures by failing faster and failing often.



You can take control of this level by following 1 or 2 or some of the following easy and affordable activities:

  • Have cool foods, for example curd, ice cream, fruits
  • Watch Just For Laughs Gags
  • talk to a caring friend
  • stay away from angry persons, the Energy Suckers
  • love yourself more for experiencing that emotion; laugh at yourself by seeing your brain is getting irritated at everything (like your angry girlfriend or child) and calm this by saying this is temporary and this shall pass soon
  • Do not attempt to do any stressful tasks that you do not like, at least for some time. Allow yourself some time to feel the emotion fully and pass it through.
  • Go to a peaceful area, natural area, near to river, forest, bridge or just sit under a tree
  • Just wash your face with cool water or take shower if possible

If you want something more, then you can do these things as well

  • Meditate
  • Deep breathing
  • Listen to calm music
  • Pray
  • Go to temple, sit for a while; no need to pray, no need to have any obligation, just sit there and feel the powerful ambiance.


Abraham Hicks recommends playing a game called ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ in order make the emotion a bit softer and elevate towards higher level of emotion. This game is pretty awesome as it understands the situation and still propels us to think in better way, in fact in more softer way so that we can focus on better positive things than we currently are focusing on. Lets check in this audio on the right.


Now, in order to keep this emotional level intact and go towards better feeling emotion, we can use the power of affirmations. Please listen to the affirmation below or you can download it and listen wherever you want and whenever you want.

God's abundance is flowing through me naturally

by Tony Robbins | Financial Independence


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